Modular Wave Machines

No Moving Parts


Greatest wave height / Maximum wave frequency / Widest range of custom waves


Greatest displacement of any wave system, anywhere

World’s Heaviest Waves


High wave frequency / 900 waves/hour


80% less energy required per wave / Lowest hp wave system

Save the environment

Make $$$

Winning Business Model

Positive Free Cash Flow

Stand-Alone Profit Center

Farewell loss-leader Business model

Organic Growth of Surfing

Recreational / Water Parks

Better waves / Higher frequency / Absolute lowest energy input / Ease overcrowding / More fun

Introductory / Intermediate Wave Pools

Wave Riding Community Center – An alternative to traditional team sports / Body surfing to boogy boarding to surfing / Organic growth model


Tallest waves / Steepest takeoffs / High performance ramps / Proper standup barrels / Greatest glory

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