WavePrizm Wave Machines Videos

The wave pool systems industry should be focused on the energy formula and producing a viable, self-sustaining wave system. Yet, the loss-leader surf park, commercial real estate piggyback business model is still the only one in place at this time.

WavePrizm has cracked the code!

  • 80% less energy-hp
  • 900 waves/hour
  • Rapid Calming System – 4sec

Some of our previous R&D work pioneering energy efficiency and wave power is featured in the following videos. However, the content of these videos is now obsolete. In fact, all other wave machines are now obsolete. 

Three new highly confidential breakthrough wave pool videos are now available. Contact WavePrizm for confidential access.

Video 1 – Wave Machines Overview


Video 2 – Wave Machines Capabilities and Comparison to WaveGarden Cove


Video 3 – WavePrizm Duplex 2x Displacement Wave Machine Systems


Video 4 -WavePrizm – The greatest water displacement and most powerful wave on earth


New: Three new breakthrough videos available now. Contact WavePrizm for confidential access.

  • Winning Business Model
  • No Moving Parts
  • Rapid Calming System – 4 seconds
  • 80% less energy required
  • 900 Waves / Hour
  • World’s Heaviest Waves
  • Full range tide change capability

Three new breakthrough videos available. Contact WavePrizm for confidential access.

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