WavePrizm Wave Machines Videos

WavePrizm pioneered the diagonal displacement module system. Working with multiple cubes that interact with each other, discoveries of power and unseen efficiencies emerged.

Ongoing Research & Experimentation covers work with the diagonal displacement modules as well as wall piston and pneumatic chamber systems, all leading to breakthrough displacement and wave pool design.

Join WavePrizm

WavePrizm would love to show you how it’s done. Organic level wave machine/wave pool investment related inquiries are welcome. Toward our Research & Experimentation goals, we will build bigger, more complex models and progress to a larger scale demo system.

Earlier R&E work pioneering energy efficiency and wave power is featured in the following videos.


Video 1 – Wave Machines Overview


Video 2 – Wave Machines Capabilities and Comparison to WaveGarden Cove


Video 3 – WavePrizm Duplex 2x Displacement Wave Machine Systems


Video 4 -WavePrizm – The greatest water displacement and most powerful wave on earth (Hidden)